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SwitchEasy GLASS X Tempered Glass Case for Apple iPhone SE/8/7

SwitchEasy GLASS X Tempered Glass Case for Apple iPhone SE/8/7

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Vacuum plating border and glass back bring a new visual and touching experience, believe that most people want to keep these two points as much as possible, but afraid the fragile screen fell to pieces, GLASS X is why it born, use a new generation of 9H scratch glass back plate, plus plating process exactly the same as the iPhone bare-metal frame, iPhone still keeps its smooth touching and moist even install with Glass X case, signal unimpeded, GLASS X case is exactly the same as the latest iPhone nude in visually and tactile, the shock-absorbing border allows you to completely relax to use, restore original beauty of the iPhone.

1. Glass X case has the Simple concept as Apple, PC & Glass Back with TPU frame plays an vital protection for your iPhone.
2. 9H glass back cover and Nanometer explosion-proof film, revert a bare-metal texture.
3. Before burnishing by hand, using Vacuum plating can offer a better experience of version.
4. Using PVD that is similar to the color of Space Grey of Apple, to make sure both colors are matched.

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