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UKA Hello Kitty Magnetic Paper-feel Removable Matte Screen Protector

UKA Hello Kitty Magnetic Paper-feel Removable Matte Screen Protector

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  • Reusable removable paperlike film, brush strokes do not slip, eye protection and anti-glare.
  • Imported optical PET substrate, the light transmittance is as high as 92%, which restores the true color of the screen.
  • The real writing feeling is closer to the painting touch of paper.
  • Magnetic adsorption, repeated installation with zero air bubbles, long service life. No filming skills are required, just align the position and gently put it on, and it can be automatically adsorbed.
  • When used outdoors, the screen reflection is reduced, and it is still clearly visible in the sun.
  • Use Japanese imported Kent paper to increase writing damping and not hurt the pen tip.
  • Can be washed and used repeatedly, bid farewell to dirt and dust.
  • Enhanced frosting effect, no fingerprints.
  • The screen is seamless and does not affect the touch.

Available for below iPad models:

Apple iPad Pro (2021) 11-inch - A2301 A2459 A2460
Apple iPad Pro (2020) 11-inch - A2068 A2228 A2230 A2231
Apple iPad Pro (2018) 11-inch - A1980 A1934 A1979 A2013
Apple iPad Pro (2017) 10.5-inch - A1701 A1709 A1852

Apple iPad Air (2020) 10.9-inch - A2316 A2325
Apple iPad Air (2019) 10.5-inch - A2123 A2152 A2153 A2154

Apple iPad (2020) 10.2-inch - A2270 A2428 A2429 A2430
Apple iPad (2019) 10.2-inch - A2197 A2198 A2200

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