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SIMON Mechanical Armor Stainless Steel+Aluminum Bumper Case Cover

SIMON Mechanical Armor Stainless Steel+Aluminum Bumper Case Cover

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  • Creative adjustable metal frame.
  • Stainless steel + aluminum alloy material.
  • Anti-drop protection, reduce shock.
  • Does not affect the phone's heat dissipation.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Does not obstruct the beauty of the original phone.
  • The four corners are higher than the back of the phone to protect the camera, and the front is higher than the screen.
  • Easy to install and disassemble.

Available for below phone models: 

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max
Apple iPhone 15 Pro
Apple iPhone 15 Plus
Apple iPhone 15
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max
Apple iPhone 14 Pro
Apple iPhone 14 Plus
Apple iPhone 14
Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 13 Pro
Apple iPhone 13
Apple iPhone 13 mini

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max
Apple iPhone 12 Pro
Apple iPhone 12
Apple iPhone 12 mini
Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
Apple iPhone 11 Pro
Apple iPhone 11
Apple iPhone XS Max
Apple iPhone XR
Apple iPhone XS
Apple iPhone X
Apple iPhone SE (2022)
Apple iPhone SE (2020)
Apple iPhone 8 Plus
Apple iPhone 8
Apple iPhone 7 Plus
Apple iPhone 7

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra5G
Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra (4G)
Samsung Galaxy Note205G
Samsung Galaxy Note20 (4G)
Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G
Samsung Galaxy Note10+ (4G)
Samsung Galaxy Note10 5G

Samsung Galaxy Note10 (4G)
Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite
Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S24+
Samsung Galaxy S24
Samsung Galaxy S23 FE
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S23+
Samsung Galaxy S23
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G
Samsung Galaxy S22+
Samsung Galaxy S22
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 2022
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (4G)
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S20+
Samsung Galaxy S20 5G UW
Samsung Galaxy S20 5G

Samsung Galaxy S20
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 2022
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
Samsung Galaxy S10+
Samsung Galaxy S10
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite (2020)
Samsung Galaxy A73 5G
Samsung Galaxy A72
Samsung Galaxy A71 5G
Samsung Galaxy A71 4G
Samsung Galaxy A70
Samsung Galaxy A55
Samsung Galaxy A54
Samsung Galaxy A53 5G
Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G
Samsung Galaxy A52 5G
Samsung Galaxy A52 (4G)
Samsung Galaxy A51 5G UW
Samsung Galaxy A51 5G
Samsung Galaxy A42 5G
Samsung Galaxy A41
Samsung Galaxy A35
Samsung Galaxy A34
Samsung Galaxy A33 5G
Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
Samsung Galaxy A32 (4G)
Samsung Galaxy A31
Samsung Galaxy A25
Samsung Galaxy A24 4G
Samsung Galaxy A23 5G
Samsung Galaxy A23 (4G)
Samsung Galaxy A22 5G
Samsung Galaxy A22 (4G)
Samsung Galaxy A21s
Samsung Galaxy A21
Samsung Galaxy A20s
Samsung Galaxy A15 5G
Samsung Galaxy A15 (4G)
Samsung Galaxy A14 5G
Samsung Galaxy A14 (4G)
Samsung Galaxy A13 5G
Samsung Galaxy A13 (4G)
Samsung Galaxy A13 (SM-A137)
Samsung Galaxy A12
Samsung Galaxy A12 Nacho
Samsung Galaxy A12 (India)
Samsung Galaxy A11
Samsung Galaxy A8 Star
Samsung Galaxy A05s
Samsung Galaxy A05
Samsung Galaxy A04s
Samsung Galaxy A04e
Samsung Galaxy A04
Samsung Galaxy A03s
Samsung Galaxy A03 Core
Samsung Galaxy A03
Samsung Galaxy A02s
Samsung Galaxy A02
Samsung Galaxy F62
Samsung Galaxy F52 5G
Samsung Galaxy F42 5G
Samsung Galaxy F41
Samsung Galaxy F34
Samsung Galaxy F23
Samsung Galaxy F22
Samsung Galaxy F14
Samsung Galaxy F13
Samsung Galaxy F12
Samsung Galaxy F04
Samsung Galaxy F02s
Samsung Galaxy M62
Samsung Galaxy M54
Samsung Galaxy M53 5G
Samsung Galaxy M52 5G
Samsung Galaxy M51
Samsung Galaxy M42 5G
Samsung Galaxy M34 5G
Samsung Galaxy M33 5G
Samsung Galaxy M32 5G
Samsung Galaxy M32 (4G)
Samsung Galaxy M31s
Samsung Galaxy M31 Prime
Samsung Galaxy M31
Samsung Galaxy M30
Samsung Galaxy M23 5G
Samsung Galaxy M22
Samsung Galaxy M21 2021
Samsung Galaxy M21s
Samsung Galaxy M21 (2020)
Samsung Galaxy M14
Samsung Galaxy M13 5G
Samsung Galaxy M13 (4G)
Samsung Galaxy M13 (India)
Samsung Galaxy M12
Samsung Galaxy M12 (India)
Samsung Galaxy M11
Samsung Galaxy M04
Samsung Galaxy M02s
Samsung Galaxy M02
Samsung Galaxy M01s
Samsung Galaxy M01 Core
Samsung Galaxy Quantum 2
Samsung Galaxy A Quantum
Samsung Galaxy Xcover7
Samsung Galaxy Xcover6 Pro
Samsung Galaxy Jump3

Google Pixel 8 Pro
Google Pixel 8
Google Pixel 7a
Google Pixel 7 Pro
Google Pixel 7
Google Pixel 6a
Google Pixel 6 Pro
Google Pixel 6
Google Pixel 5a with 5G
Google Pixel 5
Google Pixel 4a 5G
Google Pixel 4a (4G)
Google Pixel 4 XL
Google Pixel 4
Google Pixel 3a XL
Google Pixel 3a
Google Pixel 3 XL
Google Pixel 3
Google Pixel 2 XL
Google Pixel 2
Google Pixel

Motorola ThinkPhone
Motorola Defy 2
Motorola Edge X30
Motorola Edge S30
Motorola Edge 40 Pro
Motorola Edge 40
Motorola Edge 40 Neo
Motorola Edge 30 Ultra
Motorola Edge 30 Fusion
Motorola Edge 30 Neo
Motorola Edge 30 Pro
Motorola Edge 30
Motorola Edge 20 Pro
Motorola Edge 20
Motorola Edge+ 5G UW (2022)
Motorola Edge 5G UW (2021)
Motorola Edge+ (2023)
Motorola Edge (2023)
Motorola Edge (2022)
Motorola Moto X40
Motorola Moto X30 Pro
Motorola Moto S30 Pro
Motorola Moto G Power 5G
Motorola Moto G Play (2024)
Motorola Moto G Play (2023)
Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G (2024)
Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G (2023)
Motorola Moto G Stylus (2023)
Motorola Moto G Stylus 5G (2022)
Motorola Moto G (2023)
Motorola Moto G (2022)
Motorola Moto G200 5G
Motorola Moto G84
Motorola Moto G82
Motorola Moto G73
Motorola Moto G72
Motorola Moto G71s
Motorola Moto G71 5G
Motorola Moto G62 5G
Motorola Moto G62 (India)
Motorola Moto G54 Power
Motorola Moto G54
Motorola Moto G54 (China)
Motorola Moto G53
Motorola Moto G52
Motorola Moto G51 5G
Motorola Moto G42
Motorola Moto G41
Motorola Moto G34
Motorola Moto G32
Motorola Moto G31
Motorola Moto G24 Power
Motorola Moto G24
Motorola Moto G23
Motorola Moto G22
Motorola Moto G14
Motorola Moto G13
Motorola Moto G04
Motorola Moto E32s
Motorola Moto E32
Motorola Moto E32 (India)
Motorola Moto E30
Motorola Moto E22s
Motorola Moto E22i
Motorola Moto E22
Motorola Moto E13

Sony Xperia 10 V
Sony Xperia 10 IV
Sony Xperia 10 III
Sony Xperia 10 III Lite
Sony Xperia 10 II

Sony Xperia 10 Plus
Sony Xperia 10
Sony Xperia 5 V SO-G12
Sony Xperia 5 V SO-53D
Sony Xperia 5 V
Sony Xperia 5 IV
Sony Xperia 5 III
Sony Xperia 5 II
Sony Xperia 5
Sony Xperia 1 V
Sony Xperia 1 IV
Sony Xperia 1 III
Sony Xperia 1 II
Sony Xperia 1
Sony Xperia PRO-I
Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra
Sony Xperia XA2
Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra
Sony Xperia XA1 Plus
Sony Xperia XA1
Sony Xperia XA
Sony Xperia XZ4
Sony Xperia XZ3
Sony Xperia XZ1
Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact
Sony Xperia XZs
Sony Xperia XZ Premium
Sony Xperia XZ
Sony Xperia X Compact
Sony Xperia L4
Sony Xperia L3
Sony Xperia L2
Sony Xperia L1
Sony Xperia R1 (Plus)

Asus ROG Phone 8 Pro
Asus ROG Phone 8
Asus ROG Phone 7 Ultimate
Asus ROG Phone 7
Asus ROG Phone 6D Ultimate
Asus ROG Phone 6D
Asus ROG Phone 6 Batman Edition
Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro
Asus ROG Phone 6
Asus ROG Phone 5s Pro
Asus ROG Phone 5s
Asus ROG Phone 5 Ultimate
Asus ROG Phone 5 Pro

Asus ROG Phone 5
Asus ROG Phone 3 Strix
Asus ROG Phone 3
Asus ROG Phone II
Asus Zenfone 11 Ultra
Asus Zenfone 10
Asus Zenfone 9
Asus Zenfone 8
Asus Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders

Xiaomi Black Shark 5 RS
Xiaomi Black Shark 5 Pro
Xiaomi Black Shark 5
Xiaomi Black Shark 4S Pro
Xiaomi Black Shark 4S
Xiaomi Black Shark 4 Pro
Xiaomi Black Shark 4
Xiaomi Black Shark 3S
Xiaomi Black Shark 3 Pro
Xiaomi Black Shark 3
Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro
Xiaomi Black Shark 2
Xiaomi Black Shark Helo

Xiaomi MIX 4
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S
Xiaomi Poco X6 Pro
Xiaomi Poco X6
Xiaomi Poco X5 Pro
Xiaomi Poco X5
Xiaomi Poco X4 GT
Xiaomi Poco X4 Pro 5G
Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro
Xiaomi Poco X3 GT
Xiaomi Poco X2
Xiaomi Poco M6 Pro
Xiaomi Poco M6
Xiaomi Poco M5s
Xiaomi Poco M5 (India)
Xiaomi Poco M5
Xiaomi Poco M4 Pro 5G
Xiaomi Poco M4 Pro (4G)
Xiaomi Poco M4 5G
Xiaomi Poco M3 Pro 5G
Xiaomi Poco M2 Pro 
Xiaomi Poco M2
Xiaomi Poco F5 Pro
Xiaomi Poco F5
Xiaomi Poco F4 GT
Xiaomi Poco F4
Xiaomi Poco F3 GT
Xiaomi Poco F3
Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro
Xiaomi Poco C65
Xiaomi Poco C55
Xiaomi Poco C51
Xiaomi Poco C50
Xiaomi Poco C40
Xiaomi Poco C31
Xiaomi Poco C3
Xiaomi Civi 3
Xiaomi Civi 2 Hello Kitty Special Edition
Xiaomi Civi 2
Xiaomi Civi 1S
Xiaomi Civi
Xiaomi 14 Pro
Xiaomi 14
Xiaomi 13T Pro
Xiaomi 13T
Xiaomi 13 Ultra
Xiaomi 13 Pro
Xiaomi 13
Xiaomi 13 Lite
Xiaomi 12T Pro
Xiaomi 12T
Xiaomi 12S Ultra
Xiaomi 12S Pro
Xiaomi 12S
Xiaomi 12X
Xiaomi 12 Pro (Dimensity)
Xiaomi 12 Pro
Xiaomi 12
Xiaomi 12 Lite
Xiaomi 11T Pro
Xiaomi 11T 
Xiaomi 11i HyperCharge 5G
Xiaomi 11i
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE
Xiaomi Mi 11X Pro
Xiaomi Mi 11X
Xiaomi Mi 11i

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra
Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro
Xiaomi Mi 11
Xiaomi Mi 11 (Leather)
Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite
Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G
Xiaomi Mi 10T 5G
Xiaomi Mi 10S
Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 5G
Xiaomi Mi 10 5G
Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G
Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer
Xiaomi Mi 8
Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer
Xiaomi Mi Play

Xiaomi Redmi K70E
Xiaomi Redmi K70 Pro
Xiaomi Redmi K70
Xiaomi Redmi K60E
Xiaomi Redmi K60 Ultra
Xiaomi Redmi K60 Pro
Xiaomi Redmi K60
Xiaomi Redmi K50i
Xiaomi Redmi K50 Ultra
Xiaomi Redmi K50 AMG F1 Champion
Xiaomi Redmi K50 Gaming
Xiaomi Redmi K50 Pro
Xiaomi Redmi K50
Xiaomi Redmi K40S
Xiaomi Redmi K40 Gaming
Xiaomi Redmi K40 Pro+
Xiaomi Redmi K40 Pro
Xiaomi Redmi K40
Xiaomi Redmi K30S
Xiaomi Redmi K30i 5G
Xiaomi Redmi K30 Ultra
Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro Zoom
Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro
Xiaomi Redmi K30 5G
Xiaomi Redmi K30 (4G)
Xiaomi Redmi A2+
Xiaomi Redmi A2
Xiaomi Redmi A1+
Xiaomi Redmi A1
Xiaomi Redmi 13R
Xiaomi Redmi 13C 5G
Xiaomi Redmi 13C
Xiaomi Redmi 12R
Xiaomi Redmi 12C
Xiaomi Redmi 12 5G
Xiaomi Redmi 12
Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime 5G
Xiaomi Redmi 11 Prime (4G)
Xiaomi Redmi 10X Pro 5G
Xiaomi Redmi 10X 5G
Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G
Xiaomi Redmi 10C
Xiaomi Redmi 10A
Xiaomi Redmi 10 Prime 2022
Xiaomi Redmi 10 2022
Xiaomi Redmi 10 5G
Xiaomi Redmi 10 Power
Xiaomi Redmi 10 (2021)
Xiaomi Redmi 10 (India)
Xiaomi Redmi 9C
Xiaomi Redmi 9 Prime

Xiaomi Redmi 9
Xiaomi Redmi 9 (India)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 13R Pro
Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+
Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro (5G)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro 4G
Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 (5G)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 4G
Xiaomi Redmi Note 12T Pro
Xiaomi Redmi Note 12S
Xiaomi Redmi Note 12R Pro
Xiaomi Redmi Note 12R
Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Turbo
Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Discovery
Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro Speed
Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro+ 5G
Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G
Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 5G

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro 4G

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 4G
Xiaomi Redmi Note 11T Pro+
Xiaomi Redmi Note 11T Pro
Xiaomi Redmi Note 11T 5G
Xiaomi Redmi Note 11S 5G
Xiaomi Redmi Note 11S (4G)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 11R
Xiaomi Redmi Note 11E Pro
Xiaomi Redmi Note 11E
Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G
Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G (India)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G
Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro
Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 (2022)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 4G
Xiaomi Redmi Note 11SE
Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 SE (India)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10T 5G
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Max
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 5G
Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Lite
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 5G
Xiaomi Redmi Note 9

Huawei P60 Pro
Huawei P60
Huawei P60 Art

Huawei P50E
Huawei P50 Pro
Huawei P50
Huawei P40 Pro+

Huawei P40 Pro
Huawei P40
Huawei P30 Pro
Huawei P30
Huawei P20 Pro
Huawei P10
Huawei Mate 60 RS Ultimate Design
Huawei Mate 60 Pro+
Huawei Mate 60 Pro
Huawei Mate 60

Huawei Mate 50 RS Porsche Design
Huawei Mate 50E
Huawei Mate 50 Pro
Huawei Mate 50
Huawei Mate 40 RS Porsche Design
Huawei Mate 40E

Huawei Mate 40 Pro+
Huawei Mate 40 Pro
Huawei Mate 40
Huawei Mate 30 RS Porsche Design
Huawei Mate 30E Pro 5G
Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G
Huawei Mate 30 Pro 4G
Huawei Mate 30 5G
Huawei Mate 30 4G
Huawei Mate 20 RS Porsche Design
Huawei Mate 20 X
Huawei Mate 20 Pro
Huawei Mate 20
Huawei nova Y91
Huawei nova Y90
Huawei nova Y72
Huawei nova Y71
Huawei nova Y70 Plus
Huawei nova Y61
Huawei nova 12 Ultra
Huawei nova 12 Pro
Huawei nova 12
Huawei nova 12 Lite
Huawei nova 11i
Huawei nova 11 Ultra
Huawei nova 11 Pro
Huawei nova 11
Huawei Nova 11 SE
Huawei nova 10z
Huawei nova 10 Pro
Huawei nova 10
Huawei nova 10 SE
Huawei nova 10 Youth
Huawei nova 9 Pro 5G
Huawei nova 9 
Huawei nova 9 SE

Huawei nova 8 Pro 5G
Huawei nova 8 5G
Huawei nova 7 Pro 5G
Huawei nova 7 5G
Huawei nova 6 5G
Huawei nova 3
Huawei P Smart+ 2019
Huawei Enjoy 70
Huawei Enjoy 60X
Huawei Enjoy 60 Pro
Huawei Enjoy 60
Huawei Enjoy 50z
Huawei Enjoy 50 Plus
Huawei Enjoy 20 Plus 5G
Huawei Enjoy 20 5G
Huawei Enjoy 10 Plus
Huawei Enjoy Max

Honor Magic6 Pro
Honor Magic6
Honor Magic6 Lite
Honor Magic5 Ultimate
Honor Magic5 Pro
Honor Magic5
Honor Magic5 Lite
Honor Magic4 Ultimate
Honor Magic4 Pro
Honor Magic4
Honor Magic4 Lite
Honor Magic3 Pro+
Honor Magic3 Pro
Honor Magic3
Honor Note 10
Honor 100 Pro
Honor 100
Honor 90 GT

Honor 90 Pro
Honor 90
Honor 90 Lite
Honor 80 GT
Honor 80 Pro Flat
Honor 80 Pro
Honor 80
Honor 80 SE
Honor 70 Pro+
Honor 70 Pro
Honor 70
Honor 70 Lite
Honor 60 Pro
Honor 60
Honor 60 SE
Honor 50 Pro
Honor 50
Honor 50 SE
Honor 30S
Honor 30 Pro
Honor 30
Honor 30 Youth
Honor 20S
Honor 20i
Honor 20 Pro
Honor 20
Honor 10
Honor 9N
Honor 8X Max
Honor 8X
Honor X50i+
Honor X50i
Honor X50 GT
Honor X50 Pro
Honor X50
Honor X40i
Honor X40 GT Racing
Honor X40 GT
Honor X40
Honor X30i
Honor X30 Max
Honor X30
Honor X20
Honor X20 SE
Honor X9b 
Honor X9a
Honor X9 5G
Honor X9 (4G)
Honor X8b
Honor X8a
Honor X8 5G
Honor X8 (4G)
Honor X7b
Honor X7a

Honor X7
Honor X6a
Honor X6
Honor X5 Plus
Honor X5
Honor V40 5G
Honor V40 Lite
Honor V30 Pro
Honor V30
Honor Play 50 Plus
Honor Play 40 Plus
Honor Play 40
Honor Play 30 Plus
Honor Play 30
Honor Play 20 Pro
Honor Play 9A
Honor Play 8T 
Honor Play7T Pro
Honor Play7T
Honor Play6T Pro
Honor Play6T
Honor Play6C
Honor Play5 5G
Honor Play4 Pro
Honor Play 3

ZTE nubia Red Magic 9 Pro+
ZTE nubia Red Magic 9 Pro
ZTE nubia Red Magic 8S Pro+

ZTE nubia Red Magic 8S Pro
ZTE nubia Red Magic 8 Pro+
ZTE nubia Red Magic 8 Pro
ZTE nubia Red Magic 7S Pro
ZTE nubia Red Magic 7S
ZTE nubia Red Magic 7 Pro
ZTE nubia Red Magic 7
ZTE nubia Red Magic 6S Pro
ZTE nubia Red Magic 6S
ZTE nubia Red Magic 6R
ZTE nubia Red Magic 6 Pro
ZTE nubia Red Magic 6
ZTE nubia Red Magic 5G
ZTE nubia Red Magic 5S
ZTE nubia Red Magic 3S
ZTE nubia Red Magic 3
ZTE nubia Red Magic Mars
ZTE nubia Red Magic
ZTE nubia Z60 Ultra
ZTE nubia Z50S Pro
ZTE nubia Z50S
ZTE nubia Z50 Ultra
ZTE nubia Z50
ZTE nubia Z40S Pro
ZTE nubia Z40 Pro
ZTE nubia Z30 Pro
ZTE nubia Z20
ZTE nubia Neo
ZTE Axon 50 Ultra
ZTE Axon 50 Lite
ZTE Axon 40 Ultra Space Edition
ZTE Axon 40 Ultra
ZTE Axon 40 Pro
ZTE Axon 40 SE
ZTE Axon 30S
ZTE Axon 30 Ultra
ZTE Axon 30 5G
ZTE Axon 11 5G
ZTE Axon 11 4G
ZTE Blade 50
ZTE Blade A73 5G
ZTE Blade A73 (4G)
ZTE Blade A72S
ZTE Blade A72
ZTE Blade A71
ZTE Blade A54
ZTE Blade A53+
ZTE Blade A53 Pro
ZTE Blade A52
ZTE Blade A52 Lite
ZTE Blade A51
ZTE Blade A34
ZTE Blade A33S
ZTE Blade A33 Plus
ZTE Blade A33 Core
ZTE Blade V50 Vita
ZTE Blade V50 Smart
ZTE Blade V50 Design
ZTE Blade V50 Design 4G
ZTE Blade V50
ZTE Blade V41 Vita
ZTE Blade V40s
ZTE Blade V40 Vita
ZTE Blade V40 Design
ZTE Blade V40 Pro
ZTE Blade V40
ZTE Optus X Max
ZTE Optus X Delight 2
ZTE Voyage 40 Pro+
ZTE Voyage 20 Pro

vivo iQOO 12 Pro
vivo iQOO 12
vivo iQOO 11S
vivo iQOO 11 Pro
vivo iQOO 11
vivo iQOO 10 Pro
vivo iQOO 10
vivo iQOO 9T
vivo iQOO 9 Pro

vivo iQOO 9
vivo iQOO 8 Pro
vivo iQOO 8
vivo iQOO 7

vivo iQOO 5 Pro 5G
vivo iQOO 5 5G
vivo iQOO
vivo iQOO Neo9 Pro
vivo iQOO Neo9
vivo iQOO Neo8 Pro
vivo iQOO Neo8
vivo iQOO Neo 7 Pro
vivo iQOO Neo7 Racing
vivo iQOO Neo7
vivo iQOO Neo7 SE
vivo iQOO Neo 6
vivo iQOO Neo6 SE 
vivo iQOO Neo5S
vivo iQOO Neo5
vivo iQOO Neo5 SE
vivo iQOO Neo5 Lite
vivo iQOO Neo3 5G
vivo iQOO Z8x
vivo iQOO Z8 (China)
vivo iQOO Z7x
vivo iQOO Z7s
vivo iQOO Z7i
vivo iQOO Z7 Pro
vivo iQOO Z7
vivo iQOO Z6x
vivo iQOO Z6 Pro
vivo iQOO Z6
vivo iQOO Z6 (China)
vivo iQOO Z6 44W
vivo iQOO Z6 Lite
vivo iQOO Z5x
vivo iQOO Z5
vivo iQOO Z1
vivo iQOO U5e
vivo NEX 3S 5G
vivo NEX 3 5G
vivo NEX S
vivo Z6 5G
vivo Z5x
vivo Z3
vivo Y200 
vivo Y100i
vivo Y100
vivo Y100 (IDN)
vivo Y93
vivo Y78t
vivo Y78+
vivo Y78
vivo Y77t
vivo Y77e (t1)
vivo Y77e
vivo Y77
vivo Y77 (China)
vivo Y76s
vivo Y75s
vivo Y75
vivo Y73t
vivo Y73s
vivo Y72t
vivo Y70s
vivo Y7s
vivo Y56
vivo Y55T
vivo Y55s 5G
vivo Y53s
vivo Y52t
vivo Y52s
vivo Y51s
vivo Y36i
vivo Y36 5G
vivo Y36 (4G)
vivo Y36 (India)
vivo Y35+
vivo Y35 5G
vivo Y35 (4G)
vivo Y33T
vivo Y33e
vivo Y32
vivo Y31s
vivo Y30 5G
vivo Y3s
vivo Y3 Standard
vivo Y27s
vivo Y27 5G
vivo Y27 (4G)
vivo Y22s
vivo Y22
vivo Y17s
vivo Y16
vivo Y11 (2023)
vivo Y02t
vivo Y02s
vivo Y02A
vivo Y02
vivo X Note
vivo X100 Pro
vivo X100
vivo X90s
vivo X90 Pro+
vivo X90 Pro
vivo X90
vivo X80 Pro
vivo X80
vivo X80 Lite
vivo X70 Pro+
vivo X70 Pro
vivo X70
vivo X60 Pro+

vivo X60 Pro
vivo X60
vivo X51 5G
vivo X50 Pro+
vivo X50 Pro

vivo X50
vivo X27 Pro
vivo X27
vivo X23 Symphony
vivo V30 Pro
vivo V30
vivo V30 Lite
vivo V29e
vivo V29e (India) 
vivo V29 Pro
vivo V29
vivo V29 Lite
vivo V27e
vivo V27 Pro
vivo V27
vivo V25e
vivo V25 Pro
vivo V25
vivo V23e 5G
vivo V23e (4G)
vivo V23 Pro
vivo V23 5G
vivo V21s
vivo V21 5G
vivo S18 Pro
vivo S18
vivo S18e
vivo S17t
vivo S17e
vivo S17 Pro
vivo S17
vivo S16 Pro
vivo S16
vivo S16e
vivo S15 Pro
vivo S15
vivo S15e
vivo S12 Pro
vivo S12
vivo S10e
vivo S10 Pro
vivo S10
vivo S9e
vivo S9
vivo S7
vivo S6 5G
vivo T2x
vivo T2x (India)
vivo T2 Pro
vivo T2
vivo T2 (India)
vivo T1x (India)
vivo T1 Pro
vivo T1 (Snapdragon 680)
vivo G2

OPPO Find X7 Ultra
OPPO Find X7
OPPO Find X6 Pro
OPPO Find X6
OPPO Find X5 Pro
OPPO Find X5
OPPO Find X3 Pro
OPPO Find X3
OPPO Find X2 Pro
OPPO Find X2
OPPO Reno11 F
OPPO Reno11 Pro
OPPO Reno11
OPPO Reno10 Pro+
OPPO Reno10 Pro
OPPO Reno10
OPPO Reno9 Pro+
OPPO Reno9 Pro
OPPO Reno9
OPPO Reno8 Z
OPPO Reno8 T 5G
OPPO Reno8 T
OPPO Reno8 4G
OPPO Reno8 Lite
OPPO Reno7 Z 5G
OPPO Reno7 Pro 5G
OPPO Reno7 5G
OPPO Reno7
OPPO Reno7 SE 5G
OPPO Reno7 Lite
OPPO Reno6 Z
OPPO Reno6 Pro+ 5G
OPPO Reno6 Pro 5G
OPPO Reno6 5G
OPPO Reno6
OPPO Reno5 F
OPPO Reno5 Pro+
OPPO Reno5 Pro
OPPO Reno5 5G
OPPO Reno4 5G
OPPO Reno3 Pro 5G
OPPO Reno3 5G
OPPO Reno2 Z
OPPO Reno Ace
OPPO Reno 10x Zoom
OPPO A93s 5G
OPPO A57 (5G)
OPPO A55 (4G)
OPPO A9 (2020)

OPPO A1x (2023)
OPPO A1 (2023)
OPPO F21 Pro 5G
OPPO F21 Pro (4G)
OPPO K10 Pro
OPPO K10 (4G)

realme 12+
realme 12 Pro+
realme 12 Pro
realme 11x
realme 11 Pro+

realme 11 Pro
realme 11
realme 11 5G
realme 11 4G

realme 10T
realme 10s
realme 10 Pro+
realme 10 Pro
realme 10 5G
realme 10 (4G)
realme 9i 5G
realme 9i
realme 9 5G Speed
realme 9 5G
realme 9 5G (India)
realme 9 Pro+
realme 9 Pro
realme 9 (4G)
realme 8 Pro
realme 8 5G
realme GT5 Pro
realme GT5 240W
realme GT5
realme GT3
realme GT2 Explorer Master
realme GT2 Pro
realme GT2
realme GT Explorer Master
realme GT Explorer Master (Voyager)
realme GT Master
realme GT 5G
realme GT Neo 5 240W
realme GT Neo 5
realme GT Neo 5 SE
realme GT Neo 3T
realme GT Neo 3
realme GT Neo2T
realme GT Neo 2 5G
realme GT Neo Flash (Black, Silver, Aurora)
realme GT Neo Flash (Yellow)

realme GT Neo
realme XT
realme X7 Pro Ultra
realme X3 SuperZoom
realme Q5i
realme Q5 Pro
realme Q5
realme Q3s
realme Q3 Pro 5G
realme Q2 Pro
realme V50s
realme V30
realme V25
realme V23
realme V20
realme V15
realme V13 5G
realme Note 50
realme C67 (5G)
realme C67 4G
realme C55
realme C51
realme C53
realme C53 (India)
realme C35
realme C33 2023
realme C33 (2022)
realme C31
realme C30s
realme C30
realme Narzo N55
realme Narzo N53
realme Narzo 60x
realme Narzo 60 Pro
realme Narzo 60
realme Narzo 50 Pro
realme Narzo 50 5G
realme Narzo 50 (4G)
realme Narzo 50i Prime
realme Narzo 50A Prime

Nothing Phone (2a)
Nothing Phone (2)
Nothing Phone (1)

OnePlus Nord N300
OnePlus Nord N200 5G
OnePlus Nord N100
OnePlus Nord N30
OnePlus Nord N30 SE
OnePlus Nord N20 5G
OnePlus Nord N20 SE
OnePlus Nord N10 5G
OnePlus Nord CE3
OnePlus Nord CE 3 Lite
OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G
OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite 5G
OnePlus Nord CE 5G
OnePlus Nord 3
OnePlus Nord 2T
OnePlus Nord 2 5G
OnePlus Nord
OnePlus 12R
OnePlus 12
OnePlus 11R
OnePlus 11
OnePlus 10T
OnePlus 10R 150W
OnePlus 10R
OnePlus 9RT 5G
OnePlus 9R
OnePlus 9 Pro
OnePlus 9
OnePlus 8T
OnePlus 8 Pro
OnePlus 8
OnePlus 7T Pro
OnePlus Ace 3
OnePlus Ace 2V
OnePlus Ace 2 Pro 
OnePlus Ace 2
OnePlus Ace Racing
OnePlus Ace Pro
OnePlus Ace

Meizu 21
Meizu 20 Infinity
Meizu 20 Classic
Meizu 20 Pro
Meizu 20
Meizu 18s Pro
Meizu 18s
Meizu 18X
Meizu 18 Pro
Meizu 18
Meizu 17 Pro
Meizu 17
Meizu 16T
Meizu 16s Pro
Meizu 16s
Meizu 16Xs 
Meizu M10
Meizu mBlu 10
Meizu Note 9

Nokia XR21 Limited Edition
Nokia XR21
Nokia X30
Nokia X100
Nokia C300
Nokia C210 
Nokia C200
Nokia C110
Nokia C100
Nokia C32
Nokia C31
Nokia C22
Nokia C21 Plus
Nokia C21
Nokia C12 Plus
Nokia C12 Pro
Nokia C12
Nokia C02
Nokia G60
Nokia G42
Nokia G400
Nokia G310
Nokia G300
Nokia G22
Nokia G21
Nokia G11 Plus
Nokia G11
Nokia G10

Infinix Note 30i
Infinix Note 30 VIP Racing
Infinix Note 30 VIP
Infinix Note 30 Pro
Infinix Note 30 5G
Infinix Note 30 (4G)
Infinix Note 12i 2022
Infinix Note 12i
Infinix Note 12 (2023)
Infinix Note 12 VIP
Infinix Note 12 G96
Infinix Note 12 Pro 5G
Infinix Note 12 5G
Infinix Note 12 Pro
Infinix Note 12
Infinix Smart 8 Pro
Infinix Smart 8 Plus
Infinix Smart 8 HD
Infinix Smart 8
Infinix Smart 8 (India)
Infinix Smart 7 HD
Infinix Smart 7
Infinix Smart 7 (India)
Infinix Smart 6 Plus (India)
Infinix Smart 6 HD
Infinix Hot 40i
Infinix Hot 40 Pro
Infinix Hot 40
Infinix Hot 30i
Infinix Hot 30 Play NFC
Infinix Hot 30 5G
Infinix Hot 30
Infinix Hot 20S
Infinix Hot 20i
Infinix Hot 20 Play
Infinix Hot 20 5G
Infinix Hot 20
Infinix Hot 12i
Infinix Hot 12 Play NFC
Infinix Hot 12 Play
Infinix Hot 12 Pro
Infinix Hot 12
Infinix Hot 11s NFC
Infinix Hot 11 2022
Infinix Zero 30 (5G)
Infinix Zero 30 4G
Infinix Zero 2023
Infinix Zero 20
Infinix Zero X Neo
Infinix Zero X Pro
Infinix Zero Ultra
Infinix Zero 5G 2023
Infinix Zero 5G
Infinix GT 10 Pro

Ulefone Note 17 Pro
Ulefone Note 16 Pro
Ulefone Note 15
Ulefone Note 14
Ulefone Note 13P
Ulefone Note 12P
Ulefone Note 12
Ulefone Note 10P
Ulefone Note 6T
Ulefone Note 6P
Ulefone Note 6
Ulefone Armor 23 Ultra
Ulefone Armor 17 Pro

TCL 505
TCL 408
TCL 406
TCL 405
TCL 403
TCL 305
TCL 40 NxtPaper 5G
TCL 40 NxtPaper (4G)
TCL 40 X
TCL 30 V 5G
TCL 30 XE 5G
TCL 30 5G
TCL 30+
TCL 30
TCL 20 Pro 5G
TCL 10 Pro
TCL Stylus

Alcatel 5H Plus
Alcatel 3H Plus
Alcatel 3H (2023)
Alcatel 3X (2020)
Alcatel 3L (2021)
Alcatel 1V (2021)
Alcatel 1S (2021)
Alcatel 1L Pro (2021)
Alcatel 1L (2021)
Alcatel 1B (2022)
Alcatel 1 Ultra (2022)
Alcatel 1 Plus (2023)
Alcatel 1 (2021)

Tecno Phantom X2 Pro
Tecno Phantom X2
Tecno Spark Go 2024
Tecno Spark Go 2023
Tecno Spark Go 2022
Tecno Spark 20C
Tecno Spark 20 Pro+
Tecno Spark 20 Pro
Tecno Spark 20
Tecno Spark 10C
Tecno Spark 10 Pro Moon Explorer
Tecno Spark 10 Pro
Tecno Spark 10 5G
Tecno Spark 10 (4G)
Tecno Spark 9T
Tecno Spark 9T (India)
Tecno Spark 9 Pro
Tecno Spark 9
Tecno Spark 8P
Tecno Spark 8C
Tecno Spark 8 Pro
Tecno Spark 8
Tecno Camon 20 Avocado Art Edition
Tecno Camon 20 Premier
Tecno Camon 20 Pro 5G
Tecno Camon 20 Pro (4G)
Tecno Camon 20
Tecno Camon 19 Pro 5G
Tecno Camon 19 Pro 4G
Tecno Camon 19
Tecno Camon 19 Neo
Tecno Camon 18 P
Tecno Camon 18T
Tecno Camon 18i
Tecno Camon 18 Premier
Tecno Camon 18
Tecno Pop 8
Tecno Pop 7 Pro
Tecno Pop 7
Tecno Pop 6 Pro
Tecno Pop 5X
Tecno Pop 5S
Tecno Pop 5 Pro
Tecno Pova 5 Pro
Tecno Pova 5
Tecno Pova 4 Pro
Tecno Pova 4
Tecno Pova 3
Tecno Pova 5G
Tecno Pova Neo 3
Tecno Pova Neo 2
Tecno Pova Neo 5G
Tecno Pova Neo

HTC Desire 22 Pro
HTC Desire 21 Pro 5G
HTC Desire 20+
HTC Desire 19+
HTC Desire 12s
HTC Desire 12+
HTC Desire 12
HTC Wildfire E3
HTC Wildfire E3 lite
HTC Wildfire E2 Play
HTC Wildfire E2 Plus
HTC Wildfire E star
HTC Wildfire E plus
HTC Wildfire E
HTC U23 Pro
HTC U19e
HTC U12+
HTC U12 life
HTC U11 Eyes
HTC Exodus 1

LG V60 ThinQ 5G UW
LG V60 ThinQ 5G
LG V50 ThinQ 5G
LG G8X ThinQ
LG G8S ThinQ
LG Velvet 5G UW
LG Velvet 5G
LG Velvet (4G)
LG Stylo 6
LG Stylo 5
LG Wing 5G
LG W41+
LG W41 Pro
LG W41
LG W31+
LG W31
LG W30 Pro
LG W30
LG W11
LG W10 Alpha
LG W10
LG Q92 5G
LG Q70
LG Q61
LG Q52
LG Q51
LG Q31
LG K92 5G
LG K71
LG K62+
LG K62
LG K61
LG K52
LG K42
LG K31
LG K30 (2019)
LG K22
LG K20 (2019)
LG Escape Plus

BLU Studio X10L 2022
BLU Studio X5 Max
BLU Studio X5
BLU Bold N3
BLU Bold N2
BLU S91 Pro
BLU G72 Max
BLU G61s
BLU G50 Mega 2022
BLU F92e

Blackview Oscal Tiger 12
Blackview Oscal Tiger 10
Blackview Oscal C80
Blackview Oscal C70
Blackview Oscal C30 Pro
Blackview Shark 8
Blackview A200 Pro
Blackview A100
Blackview A96
Blackview A95
Blackview A90
Blackview A85
Blackview A55 Pro
Blackview A53 Pro
Blackview A53
Blackview A52 Pro
Blackview A52
Blackview A50

BlackBerry KEY2 LE
BlackBerry KEY2
BlackBerry Motion
BlackBerry Evolve X
BlackBerry Evolve
BlackBerry Aurora

Lenovo Legion Y90
Lenovo Legion Y70
Lenovo Legion Duel 2
Lenovo Legion Duel
Lenovo Legion 2 Pro
Lenovo Legion Pro
Lenovo K14 Plus
Lenovo K13 Note
Lenovo K12 Pro
Lenovo K12 (China)
Lenovo A8 2020
Lenovo A7

Sharp Aquos zero6
Sharp Aquos Zero 2
Sharp Aquos Zero 
Sharp Aquos wish
Sharp Aquos V7 Plus
Sharp Aquos V6 Plus
Sharp Aquos V6
Sharp Aquos V 
Sharp Aquos sense7 plus
Sharp Aquos sense7
Sharp Aquos sense5G
Sharp Aquos sense4 plus
Sharp Aquos R7s
Sharp Aquos R5G
Sharp Aquos R3
Sharp Aquos R2 compact

Micromax In 2c
Micromax In 2b
Micromax In 1b
Micromax In 1
Micromax In note 1

LeEco Le Pro3

Energizer Ultimate U710S
Energizer Ultimate U608s
Energizer Ultimate U505s
Energizer U683S
Energizer H67G

Doogee X98 Pro
Doogee X98