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Benks Protective Case + Screen Protector + Lens Protector Full Protection Aramid Fiber Omni Combo

Benks Protective Case + Screen Protector + Lens Protector Full Protection Aramid Fiber Omni Combo

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  • Corning glass film + aramid fiber shell + high-definition explosion-proof lens film
  • Whole design, fully enclosed protective suit, the whole surface is fully enclosed, anti-drop and explosion-proof are comprehensive. Anti-drop explosion-proof, light and breathable, protect the lens.
  • Official matching, seamless protection: 1:1 surgical-grade fine cutting, each set of membrane shells are carefully crafted.
  • Tight fit, light and luxurious beauty: the whole set fits seamlessly, showing the beauty of the curved surface of the love phone.
  • Refreshing and clean, strong anti-fingerprint: upgrade vacuum plating + lotus leaf oleophobic layer, the whole machine is dry and not sticky.
  • Precise hole position Strictly control each membrane: 13 manual screening processes to ensure that each set of shell membranes in your hands is a high-quality product.

King Kong Corning Glass Screen Protector
~Explosion-proof top with Corning Glass film, diamond body, high-strength explosion-proof not afraid of external impact.
~Thin and sensitive, accurate and 0 false touches. The same material as the mobile phone LED glass screen, accurate feedback every touch.
~High-strength wear-resistant and scratch-resistant more outstanding. Corning Glass is specially developed to continuously improve impact resistance.

Aramid Fiber Protective Case
~Made with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber, drop-resistant aramid fiber shell, 5 times the hardness of steel, high-performance new material, highly flexible and not afraid of falling.
~Ultra-light ultra-thin, restore the touch of bare phone: Aramid fiber ultra-light texture, to meet the ultimate luxury feeling.
~Good ventilation, fast heat dissipation: fiber woven heat dissipation holes, long-term game does not get hot.

Integrated Lens Protector
~Scratch-resistant high-definition lens film, upgrade and strengthen the hardness, and increase the protection of the lens from being worn.
~High-definition and high-transparency: The anti-glare aperture is added, and any night scene is more focused and clearer.

Available for below phone models: 

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G


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