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GARMMA BT21 Universtar Airbag Mobile Phone Waterproof Bag Floating Pouch

GARMMA BT21 Universtar Airbag Mobile Phone Waterproof Bag Floating Pouch

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Summer is coming. When you go to the beach to play in the water or swim, you want to take photos and videos, but your phone doesn't have waterproof function?
When you play in the water and want to take pictures, you have to dry your hands first to avoid damaging your expensive mobile phone. Is it too much effort?
Use the airbag mobile phone waterproof bag to take photos or take Moments snap, and you don't have to worry about missing important calls!
You can also carry your valuables with you without fear of losing them ~ super convenient!

The airbag mobile phone waterproof bag adopts IPX8 waterproof grade and snap-on design, which has strong sealing and provides more peace of mind when used!
It is not only water-resistant, but also designed to protect against dust, dirt, sand, etc.
A lanyard is included to free your hands, easy to carry and beautiful, making it the center of attention anytime and anywhere!

  • BT21 genuine authorization.
  • IPX8 waterproof level.
  • Airbag edges safety protection, anti-collision and floating.
  • Excellent touch sensitivity and trouble-free operation.
  • Not only water-proof, but also dust-proof, dirt-proof and sand-proof.
  • The buckle design has strong sealing, making it safer to use.

*Use reminders*
1. Please be sure to check whether the appearance is damaged before use.
2. Please put paper into the product to test before use.
3. After placing items in the waterproof bag, the waterproof interlayer must be firmly fastened to ensure the waterproof effect of the product.
4. When used in hot springs, the ambient temperature is recommended not to exceed 45 degrees.

Product name: Air bag mobile phone waterproof bag
Applicable size: 16.5*8*1.2(cm), all brands of mobile phones under about 7 inches
Weight: about 122 grams
Packing size: 240 X 140 MM
Contents of packaging: Air bag mobile phone waterproof bag*1
Material: Polyether TPU

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