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KINGXBAR Sapphire Tempered Glass Film Camera Lens Protector with Auto-alignment Kit

KINGXBAR Sapphire Tempered Glass Film Camera Lens Protector with Auto-alignment Kit

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Why Chose Sapphire ?
Sapphire has remarkable hardness – 9 on the Mohs scale (the third hardest mineral, after diamond at 10 and moissanite at 9.5) – sapphires are also used in some non-ornamental applications, such as infrared optical components, high-durability windows, wristwatch crystals and spacecraft etc.

  • 3 times harder than normal tempered glass camera lens protector
  • 2 times clearer than other glass camera lens cover in the market
  • Performance of scratch resistant is increased by 50%
  • Next to Diamond Hardness
  • Shatterproof, 9H Mohs Anti-Scratch
  • Anti-Reflection Coating
  • Anti-fingerprint, Anti-dirt, Anti-oil
  • Maintain Photo Quality
  • Aluminum Alloy Metal

Cut from 99.99% Pure Synthetic Sapphire
400℃ tempered, tough protective layer, high strength & impact resistance, more durable. Perfect material for preventing daily scratches from sharp objects without leaving traces.

  • SAPPHIRE CAMERA LENS PRTEOCTOR - Dimensionally compatible with Apple iPhone 13 2021 release. Includes an innovative, auto-alignment installation kit for effortless application.
  • NEXT TO DIAMOND HARDNESS - Mohs' Hardness of Sapphire is Level 9 hardness, next to diamond (level 10), our Sapphire iPhone 13 camera lens protectors are 3 times harder than other normal tempered glass camera lens protectors in the market.
  • MILITARY GRADE PROTECTION - Sapphire has outstanding hardness, excellent light transmittance and high resistance make it widely used in high-tech fields such as aviation, military grade transparent amour etc. This sapphire camera protector can protect your cameras lens from scratches, drop, bumps.
  • AR ANTI-REFLECTION - Added Anti-Reflection technology coating, increase light transmittance and maintain high color contrast, our sapphire iPhone 13 lens protector can be 99.99% guarantee the original quality of photos and videos.
  • NIGHT SHOOTING FUNCTION - KINGXBAR camera lens cover has upgraded the "night circle" function, taking photos with flash light in any environment will not have white fog and not affect the quality of photos, you can still enjoy HD clear photos like the original camera.

What's in the Box
-  3 x Camera Lens Covers for iPhone 13 Pro Max & iPhone 13 Pro; 2 x Camera Lens Covers for iPhone 13 & iPhone 13 mini
- 1 x Auto-alignment Kit
- 1x Cleaning Wipe


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