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Line Friends

Line Friends Space Waterproof Pouch Dry Bag Smartphone Case

Line Friends Space Waterproof Pouch Dry Bag Smartphone Case

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  • Authentic Line Friends Product
  • The 4K high-definition high-transparency film has high light transmission, which can restore the clarity of the mobile phone screen and camera to the greatest extent and take pictures clearly.
  • Strong waterproof, airtight layer by layer. Double Velcro water-proof, deeply waterproof.
  • High-sensitivity bare phone touch feel, sensitive touch, can operate the mobile phone normally.
  • Product Specification: Compatible with mobile phones within 11.3*24.5cm / 6.5 inches
1. Be sure to do a waterproof test before use.
2. Please blow a certain amount of air into the waterproof bag before putting the mobile phone in, so as to expand the bag body and facilitate better access to the mobile phone.
3. It is recommended not to wear a phone case when using a waterproof bag.

Test Methods
1. Put a dry paper towel in the bag, completely close the bag mouth and Velcro, soak the body in water with a depth of more than 20cm, and take it out after 30 minutes.
2. Dry the package body before opening the bag, and take out the paper towel for inspection. Do not use if tissue is visibly wet.

Step 1: Unfold the bag body, open the waterproof ribs, and place the phone camera upside down.
Step 2: Compress the waterproof ribs to confirm complete sealing.
Step 3: Fold the mouth of the bag three times and stick it to the Velcro.
Step 4: Close the top cover, stick the Velcro tightly, and you can use it.
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