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ROCK Collage Impression InShare Case Cover

ROCK Collage Impression InShare Case Cover

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The protruding protection of the InShare series Case camera adopts the creative viewfinder frame, which makes the phone look like a flat card SLR camera! The use of double-layer film IMD & Heidelberg high-definition color printing technology to build a three-dimensional 3D graphic display to the ultimate vision, not only will never fade, but also make the phone case full of fashion

  • Double coated IMD + Heidelberg HD color printing process. Multi-level stereoscopic feeling, naked eye 3D view.
  • 2.5-layer Composite Structure& Double-coated IML Process.
  • With the double-sided pattern HD printing and multi-layer pattern contrast, the naked eye 3D effect is shown, and the natural protection patterns are anti-scratch, will not fade and look like new after long-time use. The surface frosting treatment reduces the problem of fingerprint oil stain.

Available for below phone models:

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 
Apple iPhone 13 Pro 
Apple iPhone 13  

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