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SIMON Thor x Steam Life Mechanical Gear Heavy Metal Punk Case Cover

SIMON Thor x Steam Life Mechanical Gear Heavy Metal Punk Case Cover

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Gear linkage, pipe art, refined copper craft in the industrial era, add steampunk elements such as fan, combined with the hollow structure of the metal frame, construct a dynamic Picasso abstract art painting.

  • Gothic skull, creating a mysterious soul.
  • Long metal rope can be used as a lanyard.
  • Classic Role, design refer to "Transformers" "Ares" "Thor" "The Flash" "Iron Man" etc. appearance elements.
  • Iron Body, minimum density and top aviation aluminum hardness and strongest rock, light as feather.
  • Warrior Soul, resolute callous appearance imaging, abstract incarnation of heroic tenacity and warrior chivalrous.
  • Rigid & Neat, perfect body curve, metal skeleton body, clear chestnut laser cutting, 360-degree protection, anti-scratch and anti-impact.
  • Use the inverted triangle to represent the heart. Use flexible adapters, chucks, and needle-nose pliers to create movable arms.
  • The large and small copper wires extending from the left and right brains connect the gears to rotate, like the energy body output body controlled by the brain circuit.
  • Style: Metal phone case, Steampunk, Mechanical Gear, Picasso abstract art.
  • Material: pure copper, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy
  • Process: CNC technology, engraving, cutting, stamping

Available for below phone models:

Asus ROG Phone 7 Ultimate
Asus ROG Phone 7

Asus ROG Phone 6D Ultimate
Asus ROG Phone 6D
Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro
Asus ROG Phone 6
Asus ROG Phone 5
Asus ROG Phone 3

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