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Skinarma Shingoki Invisible Grip Stand Back Cover Case

Skinarma Shingoki Invisible Grip Stand Back Cover Case

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  • Transform from grip to stand.
    Simply extend for comfort grip or prop it up for best viewing orientation.
  • 2-in-1 dual stand.
    Magnetic snapstand.
    Simply extend it out for hands-free video streaming or conference call.
  • Filming made easy.
    Integrated with SnapStand grip to provide a firm hold while getting the perfect shot.
  • Airconum bumper
    5mm CornerGuard. Microscopic air molecules bumper dramatically increase the ability to absorb and deflect shockwaves.
  • Raised-lips
    Better protection. Protect your camera lens and iPhone against everyday bumps and knocks.
  • Gripeasy design
    Ergonomic grooves. Provides an assuring grip when held with minimum strength.

Available for below phone models: 

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max
Apple iPhone 13 Pro
Apple iPhone 13 
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max
Apple iPhone 12 Pro
Apple iPhone 12

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