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SwitchEasy EasyStrap + EasyStrap Card - 6mm | Phone Lanyard

SwitchEasy EasyStrap + EasyStrap Card - 6mm | Phone Lanyard

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Integrating popular accessories into life, focusing on lightness and durability, and improving the meticulousness of small details, such as the hardness of lanyard wires, weaving textures, sewing details, etc., greatly improving the user experience. Coupled with the high-quality material of the hanging piece and the ingenious copper tube design of the hanging ring, it is slim and sturdy and does not affect the charging of the mobile phone. It is streamlined to present your straightforward style!

  • Free your hands, go out and enjoy a relaxed life.
  • LOOP+ SYSTEM universal hook can store your daily accessories and essentials.
  • Strong comfort and durability, the best choice for outdoor wear.
  • Using matte electroplating technology, it is rust-resistant and has long-lasting luster, making it durable and beautiful.
  • The Strap Card is only 0.5mm thick, providing the lightest fit for your phone.


  • Materials: Dacron + Zinc Alloy
  • Product Dimensions: (L)84 - 150cm / (W)6mm
  • Package Dimensions: (L)211 x (H)68 x (W)28mm
  • Net Weight: 45g
  • Gross Weight: 84g
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