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X-Doria Defense Flame Zero Gravity MagSafe Artistic Woven Aramid Fiber Case Cover

X-Doria Defense Flame Zero Gravity MagSafe Artistic Woven Aramid Fiber Case Cover

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Ignite the fire in your heart and move forward courageously
There is a fire in everyone's heart, which is the enthusiasm for life, the persistence of dreams, the courage to fear challenges, and the perseverance of the soul. Silent but warm, small but powerful, it is the imprint of the fire of our original intention, leading us to move forward bravely on the road to pursuing our dreams.

Human civilization, drilling wood to make fire - "Ten Thousand Years of Fire"
Blazing Golden Fire
The micro-fire in the center of the pattern adopts the ultra-thin metal sheet inlay process, which has a high-grade texture. The Suiren family invented the method of drilling wood to make fire in the Suiming Kingdom (today's Shangqiu area of Henan Province), which ushered in the origin of Chinese civilization.

Red flame magnetic ring, dating back thousands of years - "Thousand-year Fire"
Red Flame Ring
Pay tribute to the four great inventions of gunpowder that ignited the progress of civilization. It symbolizes the inheritance from the ancient invention of gunpowder to the leap of modern science and technology. Every release of energy continues to write a new chapter in the progress of human civilization.

A Catching Fire - "A Hundred Years of Fire"
Lihuo Pattern
The four-color jacquard technique is used to weave the windy Lihuo pattern, and the overall appearance of the prairie fire is strong and powerful.

Metal fitting, exclusive branding
The fusion of metal and micro-fire makes the product not only show its texture, but also deeply imprint the spirit of perseverance into it.

Fine grained feel, 1355 stitch precision
It adopts jacquard weaving technology and is formed by gradient weaving of aramid fibers in four colors of black, gray, red and orange. The three-dimensional space that can be touched becomes fuller.

Enjoy the charm of "purple" and contain ingenuity
The interior is woven with red and blue and the overall vision will show a "purple" red tone. The visual focus is condensed in the mysterious and noble purple tone. Behind it is deep ingenuity and a vivid interpretation of the harmonious symbiosis of art and quality.

Double-sided weaving process, hidden magnetic sandwich
It adopts jacquard weaving technology, uses fine plain weave technology, and cleverly embeds ultra-thin magnetic modules.

The decisive color has a unique double-sided weaving process. The outer layer adopts jacquard weaving process, and the inner layer uses fine plain weave technology to make the phone and the case fit better. The ultra-thin fiber is cleverly embedded between the double layers of extremely thin aramid fibers. Magnetic module.

Finely carved frames bring good luck
Aviation-grade finely carved frames, luxury watch-grade drip paint craftsmanship brand logo.

Aramid fiber as thin as only 0.15cm
Because the raw material of aramid fiber is soft, most aramid fiber shells will be fixed with a layer of PC shell in the middle, and the color is determined by controlling the appropriate amount of epoxy resin to shape it. This technology can effectively reduce the thickness of the shell. .

Complete set, double the eye-catching
Can be used with ultra-thin magnetic holder and other MagSafe accessories.

Product Description & Precautions

·The product texture is unique:
Due to its handmade artistic characteristics and the real material of aramid fiber, the product cannot produce a print-like effect. The weaving texture will have natural slight fluctuations, which also makes each product unique. These subtle differences It does not affect the basic performance and product quality of the product;
·Product color is affected by light:
Because different light and environments will cause slight changes in the color of the product, for example, the color of red clothes may be different under incandescent lamps and under sunlight, due to differences in color temperature and spectrum of light, so the specific product color should be based on the actual product;

·Information on product characteristics:
Q: Why is the woven texture skewed and white?
A: Due to the gap tolerance when the aramid fiber is interspersed in the jacquard weaving process, the density may be different, resulting in texture distortion or white spots. This phenomenon only occurs with genuine aramid fiber jacquards. It does not affect the function of the product and is not caused by product quality.
Q: Are there wrinkles around the corners of the phone case?
A: Aramid fiber is like cloth after being woven. When it is thermoset, the remaining material on both sides will shrink to the four corners. This is an inevitable process for the molding of aramid fiber mobile phone cases and is not caused by product quality.
Q: Is it suitable for wireless charging?
A: The mobile phone case adopts a compatible wireless charging magnetic module solution, and the magnetic module also adopts a hidden interlayer process that can be adapted to most magnetic accessories on the market.
Q: Will it be thicker than regular 600D?
A: Because the jacquard weaving process is difficult and uses more colors than conventional black and gray aramid fibers, the lines will overlap during the interleaving process, so it will be slightly thicker than conventional black and gray aramid fibers.


Available for below phone models:

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

Huawei Mate X5
Huawei Mate 60 RS Ultimate Design (NO MagSafe)
Huawei Pura 70 Ultra

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